Izzy’s Fire aligned with my seventh-grade students’ social studies curriculum, and for seven years, hundreds of middle schoolers read and learned about the Holocaust from this superb work. As a result, I saw behaviors of the students changing. They could identify bullies in their classes and talked to them about their behaviors… This is such a powerful book.”

~ Rebecca Quesenberry, retired educator, 42 years of experience


“For over two decades I have known Nancy Wright Beasley as a passionate and dedicated proponent for a deep and insightful knowledge of the Holocaust through her heart-rending writing of books and plays. Nancy transmits the true sense of the Holocaust experience through her characters. She is a blessing to those who died and to their survivors. We, the Jewish people, are grateful for all her efforts.”

~ Rabbi Gary S. Creditor, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Beth El, Richmond, Virginia


While there are many Holocaust-era books, Izzy’s Fire and The Little Lion stand out because they examine the struggles of the families of rescuers and the rescued. Author Nancy Wright Beasley is the uniquely qualified conduit — an outsider looking into the lives on both sides.

Her writing has earned praise and recognition by professional, educational and religious groups. These are important literary works, deserving a wide audience.

~ Inge W. Horowitz, Former president
Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia


The term Righteous Among the Nations honors non-Jews who placed their own lives in danger to protect and save Jewish lives during the Holocaust. I believe that honorific term could equally apply to the work that Nancy Wright Beasley, a Christian, has done to preserve the memory of Lithuanian Jewry. An internationally recognized author and lecturer, Nancy has dedicated herself to this onerous task — laboring with dedication and love to preserve that memory and educate on the destructive nature of hatred.

~ Dr. Simon P. Sibelman, Former executive director, Virginia Holocaust Museum
Former director, Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies, Appalachian State University

Masthead Photo by Becca Ayala on Unsplash