As I enter the fifth week of studying Lithuanian, I can report that I’ve learned a great deal. First and foremost, I’ve now realized how difficult it must be for immigrants to master the English language and admire anyone willing to take it on. The task of learning another language, beyond your native tongue, is daunting.

I have also learned that Lithuanian is the oldest language and one of the most difficult to master, especially when an individual is older. Thus far, I’ve probably mastered a few hundred vocabulary words and can speak in simple sentences. I may now know enough to help me communicate on a limited basis during my next visit to Lithuania, which was one of my goals for taking the course.

While I will not become a fluent speaker in the last four weeks of study, I will have proven something that my dear late mother always said to encourage me: “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

I’ve lived by that motto all my life, so I can be satisfied that I’ve tried and succeeded to learn a great deal more of the language than I origially knew. I have also learned of customs and some interesting phrases for everyday life. The icing on the cake has been meeting many very intereting folks and making new friends, a plus in any life.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me and continue to encourage me. Your support is what keeps me going.

Iki! (Bye!)