Most folks consider Friday the 13th as an unlucky day. This Friday the 13th will forever be special to me, as it is launching day for this new blog site. It is an historic day in another way, as the majority of the 450 seventh-grade students at Elizabeth B. Davis Middle School in Chester, Va, will be finishing their studies of Izzy’s Fire, thus becoming the first school to have an entire grade study the book at one time.

Rebecca “Becky” Quesenberry, 7th grade language arts teacher at Davis, decided she wanted to take on a special project in 2011, the year she retires after having taught for 42 years. I owe her, as well as all the other 19 teachers and students who participated in the project, a special “thank you” for honoring my work and for putting so much effort into their studies. It was a privilege to meet and speak with the students and teachers at their school recently. They represented their school very well, asked excellent questions, and made me glad that I hadn’t given up during the seven years I spent writing Izzy. Thanks to one and all. NWB